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Written by Hillary Keatley


To many retirement is a long-awaited dream come true. I am thinking of a judge I know who feels like a kid just let out of school, now that he has recently retired, surf is up and he wind sails most days and braiis at night. He holidays at home and loves the fact that he can spend long, uninterrupted days with his wife, family and friends.

A dream come true!!

But like every adventure it has its’ challenges and for so many retirement is not discussed or really considered because it seems a scary end to a well-known, often lucrative working life.

Let’s avoid the ostrich syndrome. LET’S FACE UP TO RETIREMENT AND BE PREPARED.

To many it is a step off the cliff from a well-known world into a blank slate of a future. To others, the ‘here and now’ keeps them so busy that they have little time left to consider the retirement that is creeping up on them and so they pay scant attention to tomorrow or its’ concerns.

Retirement can be a fantastic adventure and for many people that I know it really is just that. However, these are usually the people who spent a while looking down the road of their lives and realistically considering their options. We hear about the options of where to live, what pension we will likely have, how best to invest it and what medical cover we should think about.

But what about our own emotional and mental health during retirement? Are we facing up to our true feelings about retirement? Anger, resentment and fear or concern are not the best foundation from which wise choices are made. Negative feelings are best owned up to and considered before they fester and mar the whole retirement experience.

Pat Cunningham from Sasolburg has had a few years’ experience in assisting widows and the elderly has some sound advice for the children of retirees and for the retirees themselves in this computer age:

Keep up to date with technology and ensure that those who are retired have a good understanding of ‘the internet of things’:

Become familiar with EFT transfers and help parents to open a gmail account. Ensure that you are able to pay every day bills, manage investments and manage the demands of medical aids.

Sign up for our Retirement workshop to learn more about how to better prepare for your long awaited holiday time.

Hilary and the Team.