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Suicide. Would we even hear a cry for help?

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Suicide is on the rise across the world and we need to be informed and know what to do if we do come across someone who may be considering ending their life. Do not dismiss the comments and signals that you may hear and see, when someone says they are considering suicide, always take them seriously. Don’t assume a person is being “dramatic” when they say they want to die.

The key to suicide prevention is observation. Pay attention. If a person you know begins talking a lot about suicide and watching videos and films on the subject, or seem to obsess about suicide. They may have been very angry, deeply depressed for an extended period, extremely withdrawn or just resigned.

If they have recently experienced a serious challenge or setback, like bullying, the loss of a job or loved one, or a difficult relationship or debilitating illness. If a usually morose person suddenly cheers up or suddenly becomes calm, it can be because they have decided to end their life and know their suffering will soon be over.  Suicidal people may start giving away their personal items, write a will or begin to tidy up their affairs.