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Beware of Some Warning Signals of Potential Suicide

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Beware of some warning signals of potential suicide:


•    Fascination with the subject of suicide
•    Depression and anxiety
•    Withdrawal
•    Change in behaviour  


Suicide is on the rise among young people of school going age. The pressures that the youth face is often intense.  Bullying, academic performance, peer pressure may be felt far more intensely than parents, siblings and friends realise. Many children go to school as though nothing has happened after an unsuccessful suicide attempt the night before. They often have told someone that they want to end their lives, but no one believed them. It is most painful when those around you do not take you seriously enough to believe what you say.




Do not dismiss a cry for help as a ‘phase’ or ‘a bad mood’ or a dramatic outburst. LISTEN to what they are saying. Always take conversations around suicide seriously. Be aware of concerns in the lives of those around you. Quiet people are often overlooked because they do not make a great fuss. They tend to withdraw and say nothing because they feel no one hears them and yet inside they are in inner turmoil. Extroverts are often labelled ‘dramatic’ when they are really crying for help.


If you are concerned, approach and talk to the person and by all means encourage them to visit a clinic and speak to a health care professional as soon as possible but always remember to be discreet as this is a very private matter.


Kind Regards
The Sanctuary Team