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The truth is that God is love and love never fails

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It can be that gut wrenching gnawing sensation in the pit of your stomach or a slight feeling of tension and unease, but it always signals danger and it has a name: Fear. We all experience it and we usually have one of two reactions. We will either want to flee or fight as the adrenaline enters our system; in either a small or a larger dose.

Some of us love the feeling and some of us use it to perform at an optimum level, but is this really the best way for us to function well as human beings?

Don’t we all realise at some point that while a sense of fear may alert us to escape a danger and may even help us to excel at something for a while; a spirit of fear and a continual sense of apprehension or anxiety will only do us harm? As we go through life we learn first-hand that an abiding sense of fear is just a foundation for stress, overwork, arguments and exhaustion and it leads to sickness in our bodies and minds.

Yet God’s word tells us to ‘fear God’; are we then really supposed to live afraid? No; definitely not! For that same word tells us that God has NOT given us a spirit of fear.

Even though He asks us to fear Him, the attitude He requires is a deep, wholesome and healthy respect for our omnipotent and loving creator and not a fear or terror we would have if we were facing a great danger.

Instead, He has provided a power triangle for us that has no negative side effects and will still overcome life challenges effectively and safely.

As surprised as we may be by the truth; the answer to any and all life’s challenges are found in three forces: love, discipline and a sound mind.
The truth is that God is love and love never fails. Love forgives, love endures, love conquers and we need to embrace love, not fear, if we want to really succeed.

An ounce of discipline is worth so much more a ton of fear.

While fear makes us restless, impulsive and prone to give up; discipline keeps us steadily moving toward a desired goal with hard work, determination and integrity in the face of great obstacles. Therefore, it is discipline, not fear, that leads to success.

Fear disturbs our thought life as well as our emotions and can lead to rash decisions. Success is reached through discipline and a clear, level head, or as the Bible puts it: ‘a sound mind’; not by feeling afraid and living on our nerves all the time.

It is possible to live without fear and we can all experience love, discipline and sound thinking, but sometimes we need help to get over our fears.

If you struggle with nervousness, fear or anxiety and you do not know how to overcome it, please contact our counselling centre and a counsellor will meet with you or visit our website to learn more.