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Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free | Isaiah 61: 1-4
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Forgiveness. The Only Way to Heal part 2

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When we are hurt it is normal to react in anger and forgiveness is contrary to the ‘get even’ attitude of our society. For many victims the idea of forgiving those who have caused them pain seems absurd and even impossible.

So why should we forgive? We should forgive because it is essential to our own freedom and wellbeing. In Mathew 18: 34 and 35 we are warned by the Lord that holding onto unforgiveness, we open ourselves up to the inner torturers of inner turmoil and depression. Unforgiveness leads to attitudes of anger, bitterness and hatred and even murder and holds us captive to what was done to us. We need also to forgive ourselves for things that we too have done wrong. Over and over again forgiveness has been proven to be the first step in our inner healing process.

The question then often arises: ‘How can I forgive?’

It helps us to forgive when we understand what forgiveness is and is not. When we forgive, we are not declaring a person ’not guilty’ rather we recognize their guilt and give to God our right to punish them.
Forgiveness is a choice. We choose to release the other person and ourselves from anger, bitterness and the desire for revenge.

We probably will never feel like forgiving, but we can and indeed we must, forgive and we can do so by choosing to release ourselves and the other person because it is the only way to wholeness and freedom.

So, no matter whether you are upset with the Christmas gift you will receive this Christmas or whether you need healing for some deep hurt and offense choose to forgive and walk in forgiveness going forward. The benefits will be peace and freedom.

It really is worth the cost of giving up your right to punish and focusing on the wrong done in order to be forgiven and to be set free.

Should you find it very difficult to forgive, but would like help to do so, please call us or visit our website and one of our team would be happy to discuss this further with you.

God bless and stay free,

“Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free.” - Isaiah 61: 1-4

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