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Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free | Isaiah 61: 1-4
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Have You Heard from God Lately?

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As Christian counsellors we are aware that without God we can do nothing. Yet trying to stay mentally focused in prayer is a common struggle for many Christians and counsellors too. Tempting and distracting thoughts can plague our prayer times.

At those times it will help to remember that every Christian is God’s very own child. If your child wants to talk to you, would you always block him out? Just as you want a relationship with your child, God actually wants to speak to us and have a relationship with us.

I have found that when I begin my prayer time by believing that God wants to talk to me and then begin to pray, I find it much easier to feel His presence in my prayer times.

It seems a natural next step to get quiet before God and focus on Him and what He wants to tell me. This is how I follow the bible instruction to ‘be still and how I know that He is God.’ As I spend time quietly before Him I start to sense His presence and I listen carefully to hear Him.

As I quietly listen I feel The Holy Spirit’s leading during this time. I assume that whatever comes to my mind is either from God or allowed by Him. Whatever comes to my mind, I pray about. If it is a tempting thought I talk to God about that area of weakness. If the busyness of the day is on my mind, then I will discuss my plans with God.

I actively deal with the thoughts that come to my mind and do not passively let the thoughts control me.

Even if I find some untrue thought comes to my mind, I talk to God about them and He reminds me through His word of a truth that sets me thinking straight again.

Thus, my prayer life becomes a dialogue between God and myself.

I sometimes have to admit to God that I have a bad attitude over something or that I am even upset with Him over something. The amazing thing is, that when I discuss my issues and problems with God, I come away feeling better because He consistently corrects, encourages or counsels me, not as my enemy, but as my friend.

The more real I am with Him when I pray, the more I leave my prayer time with answers and help. I hope that this article will encourage you if you have found praying difficult. I hope that it will give you renewed interest to speak with God again.

Permanent solutions to all life’s issues are found in God and prayer is necessary to find His solutions; if you find it difficult to pray or would like to know more about this topic, please contact our Counselling centre or visit our web site.

“Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free.” - Isaiah 61: 1-4