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Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free | Isaiah 61: 1-4
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New Year’s Resolutions!

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January is the time for new year’s resolutions and the team at our centre have put together a few thoughts of our own on this subject that we would like to share. Here below are our resolutions that we keep coming back to every year because we find that they bring out the best in us every year.

1. Let God in. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life that satisfies. Letting Him into every part of our lives

2. Be careful what we think because our beliefs and thoughts control us, we must recognise damaging thoughts and stop them from influencing our lives.

3. Let go of unforgiveness towards ourselves and others. No good comes from dwelling on the hurt someone has caused us or that we have caused someone else.

4. Take good care of the relationships in our lives. We are made for community, and our deepest satisfaction comes from happy relationships so don’t let them take second place in our lives.

5. Take care of our health. The stronger we are, the better we can handle the pressures of life.

6. Decide to enjoy work and set boundaries to avoid unnecessary pressure.

7. Live within our means and let go of credit.

8. Take time to do something that makes us happy every day.

9. Laugh more.

10. Take care of our health. A healthy diet and exercise really do help to improve our mental and emotional attitudes and our ability to cope with our work and social lives.

So, there are our resolutions. We hope you enjoyed them and we would be very happy for you to visit our website or contact the centre for all your counselling needs.

“Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free.” - Isaiah 61: 1-4