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Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free | Isaiah 61: 1-4
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Anti-Addiction and Against Human Trafficking

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Meet with our newest member of the team. Kevin Went as he narrates his story.


“From being in recovery myself, I moved on to share what I have learned the hard way. I began with running adult recovery groups, to high school youth and then moved onto assisting a Rescue Mission for the homeless.


Due to what I have been through I have gained more knowledge on addiction, divorce, depression and youth issues. I believe one of the main things I have learnt from our style is that some groups say you will always be addicted, whereas I prefer to say that you may struggle with this today but this will not last forever.


Once you have taken care of one issue, it is easier to keep momentum and notice what else may need adjustment in your life. We are constantly growing, so, therefore, need to make adjustments on how we deal with life continually. If you want to make a change, you can! It will not happen overnight, but it will happen, you need to want it bad enough. Part of my passion comes from being there and doing that. I do not want others to go through as much pain as I did.


If you need help, reach out - share your journey with someone who has come through it. We all struggle at times - please do not do it alone.”