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Spring Equals Life, Right?

Written by Tamra Bunting

According to the dictionary life means the existence of an individual human being or animal. Seems simple enough BUT the synonym for existence according to Merriam-Webster is the fact of being or of being real

Does real mean perfect? Does real look like riches and feel like continuous happiness? For argument sake let’s say that, that’s exactly what “being real” means after all the word ‘real’ is just another word for ‘reality’ isn’t it? And in reality we are all striving to be the best, no matter the cost… even if it cost us our life.

You may think that's an exaggeration but according to research in South Africa on average 230 people attempt to end their life every day and of those 23 succeed, making suicide the 3 rd greatest cause of unnatural death in our country - which is currently said to have the eighth highest suicide rate in the world.

Those scary figures spike in the season of spring.

No one really knows why spring has this effect on people, some speculate that it is because spring causes people to reflect negatively on their lives in comparison to the beauty, growth and refreshing buzz that surrounds everyone in this season but no one has a solid answer. Thankfully studies show that 70% of people considering suicide show warning signs but do we pay enough attention to notice?


“Goodnight you said, goodbye, I said.

and you never thought twice about it.”


Would you notice if anyone in your life were to suddenly lose interest in things they once loved? Do you know those around you well enough to pick up on someone unexpectedly switching from sad to very calm or even happy? Are you attentive enough to recognise when someone you love uncharacteristically starts planning “farewell” events? Are you someone who feels unnoticed by those around you?

If you are that friend, family member, boss, co-worker, pastor or teacher that wants to be more aware keep an eye on our content this month as we, at Sanctuary, endeavour to inform you more on this topic. If however you are the someone who is feeling unnoticed and weighed down by life know you are not alone, please contact us and give us a chance to help you embrace the spring of your life.