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Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free | Isaiah 61: 1-4
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Thursday, 14 June 2018 10:02

We Say No to Human Trafficking

Sanctuary has joined hands with NFN against human trafficking.

Meet with our newest member of the team. Kevin Went as he narrates his story.


“From being in recovery myself, I moved on to share what I have learned the hard way. I began with running adult recovery groups, to high school youth and then moved onto assisting a Rescue Mission for the homeless.


Due to what I have been through I have gained more knowledge on addiction, divorce, depression and youth issues. I believe one of the main things I have learnt from our style is that some groups say you will always be addicted, whereas I prefer to say that you may struggle with this today but this will not last forever.


Once you have taken care of one issue, it is easier to keep momentum and notice what else may need adjustment in your life. We are constantly growing, so, therefore, need to make adjustments on how we deal with life continually. If you want to make a change, you can! It will not happen overnight, but it will happen, you need to want it bad enough. Part of my passion comes from being there and doing that. I do not want others to go through as much pain as I did.


If you need help, reach out - share your journey with someone who has come through it. We all struggle at times - please do not do it alone.”

Those of you who had an abusive alcoholic for a parent or a parent who was abusive in general, will understand how the scars of our childhood (PTSD) can continue to impact our thoughts and behaviours as adults.  In this story, Sasha Carrion shares a particular traumatic childhood experience that haunted her into her adult years.  This isn't just a story of trauma but of healing.  "If anything, I am stronger than ever."  Sasha Carrion, Cht.

This week we would like to introduce our newest member to the growing Sanctuary team, Nastasha Foster. She has joined us from Legae La Note in Muldersdrift, a reintegration centre for recovering addicts.


Nastasha obtained her Bachelor BSW in social work as well as a diploma in public relations at the University of Johannesburg. “My heart is set to help people overcome hurts and unresolved issues to get them to a place of freedom”, she says. “I would like to see people live without the brokenness that life often brings, to get to the core of who we are because those are the things that need to be addressed. Hidden beneath the layers are the scars of the past traumatic experiences and we don’t always realise how much it affects who we are; our character and decisions. If everyone would live to their full potential they would be very different people.”


It was during her time in public relations that Nastasha realised her love for counselling. “Public relations taught me a lot about events and the corporate world, however, I realised it wasn’t for me. I love one on one. I love deep talks. Problem solving is my passion. Add emotional issues and problem solving and I knew counselling was what I wanted to do with my life!”


It's often best to hear it straight from the horse's mouth so here is a piece written by Natasha herself…


“Hi, my name is Nastasha. I’d like to give you a glimpse into who I am, where I’ve been and what I’m doing here at The Sanctuary Soul Care Centre.


I battled with an array of insecurities, fears and emotional wounds from the past. I latched on to mind-altering substances and quick fixes to feel confident and capable; this caused my life to spiral downward. I didn’t like what I felt inside and would do anything to escape from who I was. I was emotionally broken and spiritually disconnected. I eventually found myself in treatment for chemical dependency, left a toxic relationship and tried to find purpose in life.  


I attempted many things in order to bring about positive change and tried to fix what was broken within me but it was only in surrendering my life and my will to the care of God where the healing process began. He took me by the hand and showed me where to start. He connected me to wonderful counsellors who could give me tools to overcome my struggles and break free from the bondage.


There have been a few more starting points down the line and areas of my life that He has revealed necessary to work on and through all of this He has brought such great healing and restoration into my life.


I now live in that freedom, by His grace. Free from hurts, habits and hang ups that plagued my life. I have found ways to face these feelings and learnt what it was to be freed from self-destructive patterns based on those fears and insecurities that had a hold on me.


My heart beats for helping those wanting to gain practical tools to face emotional struggles. I assist in overcoming major setbacks and trauma’s and equip with techniques to aid personal growth. With the use of a Social Work Planned Change Process (PCP), an individualised case plan and biblical guidance you get the opportunity to be empowered to live the way God intended and free from the shackles that keeps you behind.


“Recovery and restoration is possible!”

Thursday, 26 April 2018 12:00

The Basic Counselling Course – June

The Basic Counselling course will be run over 3 days in June, the goal is to assist people who want to help others gain the skills they need. For more information contact us.

This week we discuss our Basic Counselling Course and The Sanctuary Team is excited to host and train people on counselling. Get in touch with us and learn both the basics and intricacies when it comes to counselling and dealing with someone.


BCC Jpegsm

In our Basic counselling course, you will gain knowledge on how to conduct yourself around a person when they come to you with a problem. We equip you with all the resources needed facing a challenge. The course takes up to three days and involves a combination of skills on how to be a good counsellor and how you can help the bereaved and the troubled. The course will be hosted in our offices at Bryan Park Shopping Centre, all modules and meals will be catered for the three days. The course will be held from the 22nd to the 24th June 2018.

If you are interested give us a call. All our counsellors are well trained and ready to assist.

Click here to get in contact with our team

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” Romans 15:13

Thursday, 29 March 2018 12:00

How to become the best woman in business

The Sanctuary Soul Care team meets a wide range of people, old and young, men and women who are facing a wide variety of life circumstances and inner turmoil. We love encouraging and supporting people in their life choices as well as career paths. This week we are encouraging women in business.

Thursday, 29 March 2018 07:38

Christian Women In Business

Many Christian women in Business experience hardships in a male-dominated industry, however, we prevail. The Sanctuary had a meeting with wonderful women in Business. They were sharing their different experiences while following their passions and dreams. Click here to find out more.

The Sanctuary discussed with Christian women in various businesses. Ladies mentioned that they learnt total reliance on God for getting contracts. Particularly in unlikely businesses where they know it is seemingly difficult to obtain a contract without having a connection.

They learnt to understand the concept of being multifunctional within their business as a result of performing multiple job descriptions. They advised that they were able to understand and learn more than they knew before. God has opened doors for women in different departments in the workplace to grow and understand the beauty of their industries.

The ladies realised that by being God concerning, their lives have changed, and it is the best decision they have made.

The following points are what the ladies have learnt from each other:

  • Having a circle of frientors assists in having a balanced structure
  • Day to day work becomes more exciting by looking fabulous
  • Mapping out from the women that they were before to women they are now is life changing but they embrace the change as it comes from God
  • They have grown substantially on a Business level including their day to day endeavours, new routines and the global change in their industries
  • Women encourage each other
  • They live happy lives because Godly principles and ethics guide them in their success, passion and goals
  • They look forward to growth in their businesses this year as well as rewards that come with following their dreams and passions

“So, do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will upload you with my righteous right hand.” - Isaiah 41:10


Thursday, 08 February 2018 12:00

New Years Resolutions

You are ten times more likely to stick with a change made in the New Year. What's your resolution?

Tuesday, 06 February 2018 09:00

New Year’s Resolutions!

January is the time for new year’s resolutions and the team at our centre have put together a few thoughts of our own on this subject that we would like to share. Here below are our resolutions that we keep coming back to every year because we find that they bring out the best in us every year.

1. Let God in. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life that satisfies. Letting Him into every part of our lives

2. Be careful what we think because our beliefs and thoughts control us, we must recognise damaging thoughts and stop them from influencing our lives.

3. Let go of unforgiveness towards ourselves and others. No good comes from dwelling on the hurt someone has caused us or that we have caused someone else.

4. Take good care of the relationships in our lives. We are made for community, and our deepest satisfaction comes from happy relationships so don’t let them take second place in our lives.

5. Take care of our health. The stronger we are, the better we can handle the pressures of life.

6. Decide to enjoy work and set boundaries to avoid unnecessary pressure.

7. Live within our means and let go of credit.

8. Take time to do something that makes us happy every day.

9. Laugh more.

10. Take care of our health. A healthy diet and exercise really do help to improve our mental and emotional attitudes and our ability to cope with our work and social lives.

So, there are our resolutions. We hope you enjoyed them and we would be very happy for you to visit our website or contact the centre for all your counselling needs.

“Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free.” - Isaiah 61: 1-4

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