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Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free | Isaiah 61: 1-4
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A journey shared

Testimonies from our Journey To Wholeness course

Written by Hillary Keatley

We at sanctuary take pride in our accomplishments, having helped numerous men and women along their paths of life. Below is a testimony of the power of the course Journey to Wholeness taken by a very happy and enlightened individual.

The past three years have been to say the least a roller coaster ride in a hurricane. I had never in my life felt so lost emotionally and mentally. Confusion and chaos reigned.  All the things that I thought were sacred were literally thrown out for review - beliefs, ways of seeing the world, self-determination, marriage vows, financial security, significance, support systems. I was in a very dark and lonely place that I could not even try to explain to anyone around, because they just wouldn't understand as on the outside I seemingly had it all together.

Through a chance encounter with Theresa, who happened to be attending newly constituted ladies meet introduced by our church pastor, I got to hear of the Journey to Wholeness course run by Olga Fredericks. I had been searching for some help to help me understand what I was going through. Through sheer grace I did the nine-week course and through the tormenting emotional and spiritual pain I completed the course.

Slowly, as I applied the tools that I had been equipped with in the course, I felt the darkness lifting. I decided to do it again the following year and was amazed at just how much I had spiritually matured that year. I could look back and marvel at God's grace in my whole life, not just through the dark period.  From then on, any bible study or just my life in general, took on a richer and more meaningful vein more than I could ever imagine. What I gained through all this is a sense of knowing that I don't know; an ability to detach and realize that what I call my life is not really mine - my life and all that I call my own belongs to God.

We acknowledge and thank this dedicated individual and invite others to join us if they are seeking help. Do not hesitate to contact us we are here to help you along your path of life.