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The Sanctuary Soul Care Centre Our Vision To provide an interdenominational Christian counselling , training, prayer ministry and retreat centre that meets the needs of the community and supports the local church.
To bring healing to the community through biblical based, affordable counselling and prayer ministry.
To equip and empower those who are called into the counselling ministry through professional training.
To refresh those in ministry, in leadership and in management.
We also Offer Prayer Ministry: AN OUTREACH FOR THOSE WHO FEEL THEY ARE HELD CAPTIVE BY THEIR PAST! "There is power in Prayer. When men work, they work. But when men pray, God works." Angus Buchan For those who feel they are still weighed down by issues of the past The Sanctuary Soul Care Center have teams of counsellors ready to assist. Sometimes issues have deep roots that continue to cause pain, heartbreak,and negative effects in a person's life. Through prayer ministry our counsellors assist people to resolve these issues. Using the Restoring The Foundations approach we have seen many people to receive freedom and healing. In association with: ﷯
Marriage Counselling With Merrylin Hewlett