Anxiety is a dream killer and a thief. I know this firsthand because I’ve dealt with anxiety in my life and even went through what I call my seven months of hell. I know that anxiety is something that so many people deal with, so this week I want to talk to you about some practical ways that I worked through it and overcame fear to find peace on the other side.

Grace for each day

Today I want to exhort you with this thought for the week: What would your week look like if you chose to be present and let go of all worry about the future? Sounds like a dream, right? The truth is it can be a reality!

If we’re growing as people, we will have greater challenges everyday. If we look at tomorrow’s giants (challenges) with today’s grace, it will cause anxiety. What we have to understand is when we get to tomorrow, there will be a grace for whatever we face then. We have to trust that God will give us what we need when we get there. When we are so concerned about what’s going to happen tomorrow we don’t actually get everything that God has for us today. Being present is a gift.

5 Things I do when I’m afraid:

  1. I remind myself of things that I was afraid of in the past that never happened. Then I remind myself of how true they felt, but they didn’t happen. This helps me to remember that fear is a liar.
  2. I question reality in light of the previous lies, and a new perspective emerges.
  3. I make a conscious choice to trust my future to Jesus and remind myself of His care for me.
  4. I bring up my history with God. I recall the testimonies in my life as a way of retelling the scary story that was running in my mind.
  5. I bring up what God says about my future. I bring to mind the prophetic words over my life and remember that I have a bright future

Takeaway for the week

Today I want to encourage you to choose trust over worry. So much of peace comes out of knowing Who’s and who you are. Your good, good Father has you covered. Root your peace in His character instead of your circumstances. Whenever you’re dealing with fear about your future, I encourage you to work through the 5 steps and remember that you have a bright future!

Lastly, I want to bless you with a fresh outpouring of hope over your spirit! I pray that the Prince of Peace would be made known in your life this week, and I speak abundant life and joy over your future! May you know the grace that has been given to you today, and may you have faith that He will provide grace for you tomorrow!

“One of the biggest sources of fear is thinking about the future with a distorted lens.”
Kris valloton

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